Pet Memorial Rocks

Sometimes our best friend isn't even human. They come in to our lives, and give us nothing but love and dedication, expecting so little in return. It's not fair that their lives are so short, especially for those that were truly special. Pet memorials are a wonderful way for you and your family to honor your beloved lost friend. At Monumental Stone Works, we offer a wide range of pet memorial rocks suitable for gardens or pet cemeteries.  Choose from full granite upright monuments, flat monuments or plaques, garden markers, garden stones or even statuary. The choice is unlimited.

Your memorial can be customized with a portrait of your beloved pet, created from a photo or you may choose from a wide selection of pre-drawn images to commemorate your memorial.

They say that our lost loved ones are never really gone as long as we remember them. This is especially true of our furry companions. They loved us unconditionally, stayed by our sides through all of life's trials and joys, and wanted only to be with us. In time, the grief fades and we remember fondly only the good times. A memorial to your lost best friend can help with healing, and with holding on to all those special moments when they helped just by being there.

pet memorial stones

It would be a privilege to meet with you and hear your stories and fond remembrances of your best friend. and to assist you in creating an unique memorial for you and your lost companion.


Pet Memorials

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