Memorial Stones

Memorial stones come in a variety of forms. Upright markers, flat headstones, custom headstones and cremation memorials. Below are details for each type of stone. Farther down the page are many samples of our work.

memorial stones upright stone

Upright Headstone

Upright monuments are granite headstones in a tablet style that sit upon a granite base and are set on a concrete foundation.  Every cemetery has their own regulations, size and shape can vary greatly and are limited to each individual Cemetery.  Upright monuments can be either Single: for one individual or a Double upright monuments or “companion” upright monuments. The Companion monument is generally wider as this allows for more space for engraving two names. These headstones can be customized in various shapes, granite colors and styles, and can be further personalized with bronze plaques, inlays, etched or porcelain portraits. Our team will work closely with you to design a monument that is a perfect fit for both your family and your budget.

memorial stones flat headstone

Flat Headstone

As the name suggests, flat headstones are set into the ground with the engraving facing up. Some prefer these stones for their minimal visual impact upon the surrounding grass, trees and flowers. A As with upright stones, every cemetery has their own regulations. Size and shape can vary greatly and are limited to each individual Cemetery.  

memorial stones custom headstones

Custom Headstone

At Monumental Stone Works, we pride ourselves not only our experience and professionalism, but also on our creativity. Custom headstones are limited only to our imagination - or yours! We can design and build any monument you wish. If  you've found inspiration elsewhere simply share an image with us and we can create a similar design for you. 

Alternatively, if you want a unique memorial but have no inspirations of your own, we can discuss your needs and the character of your loved one when we meet in person and we'll come up with design ideas for you.

Custom Tombstones & Headstones

Includes both upright and flat headstones

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Free In-home Consultations

We'll come to you! If you're grieving, that's the last time you want to be going to a funeral home to arrange for a headstone or other memorial. Even if what you need is not related to the loss of a loved one, we're still happy to come to you. Free quotes and no obligation.

Premade Stone Blanks

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