Monumental Stone Works

Monumental Stone Works provides a variety of custom stone and metal products. Tombstones (also called gravestones and headstones), pet memorials, address stones and metal plaques. Aside from our tombstones, other products can be used for a wide variety of services.

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Free In-home Consultations

We'll come to you! If you're grieving, that's the last time you want to be going to a funeral home to arrange for a headstone or other memorial. Even if what you need is not related to the loss of a loved one, we're still happy to come to you. Free quotes and no obligation.

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A local monument maker, we provide a wide selection of traditional and custom-designed memorial stones. Professional, caring and personalized service.

address stones

Address Stones

Looking for an address marker that's as unique as your home or business? Custom stone markers add a touch of class that plain address signs can't match.

pet memorial stones

Pet Memorials

It's painful losing our best friend, especially when they never expected anything from us but love. Remember them as they deserve.

metal plaques, metal signs

Metal Signs

Whether it's a memorial plaque, an address sign or an award, metal plaques last forever and make a great impression.